There is no true substitute for gathering together with others who desire to understand the Word of God, but I hope this blog will be useful to anyone unable to attend our discussion, and also give opportunity for further discussion after we have met.

The Journey Bible study class meets 9:45 every Sunday morning at Memorial Baptist Church in Arlington, Virginia. When I started attending last Fall(2014) we were finishing a study of Acts. As we began our study of Ephesians, I learned I had much I wanted to contribute to the class discussion. In January Sean (the study leader) asked me to take a further step subbing for him while he focused on learning his new role as Daddy to his baby girl. After several weeks Sean returned to finish our study of Ephesians and introduce 1 Thessalonians, but he also had surprising news. A great job opportunity would be taking them away from us this Spring(2015). Sean and Drew (our pastor) asked me to consider continuing on the “journey” in a leadership role. I agreed and led the discussion for over two years. Sean has returned this Fall (2017) leading the class in a new direction (focused on people in the Bible). I’ve continued our study of Romans online at this site.

I have become more involved at Grace Community Church in Falls Church (very close to our house) and we are starting a new home Bible study. You can check it out at https://thebookbookclub17.wordpress.com/

I believe the same God who inspired the authors who received His Word to them continued and is continuing to work to bring His Word to us today. He was at work in the collection and copying of scripture; He was at work in the translations that make available ancient texts to all; He is there with those who write commentary and various Bible study aids; and He is here when we seek to understand and apply His Word in our lives today!

I keep the following prayer (adapted from Catherine Marshall) in my Bible:

Father, with our minds we have tried to understand you and your way, but the confusion and uncertainty in our lives dramatize how limited our capacity for understanding is. I see why you have provided us, your creatures, with an added dimension beyond intelligence: an inner spirit to be a receiving set for your Spirit. Father if ever anyone needed the revelation of Spirit, we do. I ask now for the illumination that is the Spirit’s gift about the Bible and how we should read it, and about the particular message from scripture which you want to give to us today. Empower us to hear, understand, and obey Your Word. Thank You Father, in Jesus name. Amen


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