Seeking God

A discussion we had in class about what is the Word of God led me to contemplate a trio of ideas. Each idea then suggested to me subsets of three more thoughts. I attempted to organize all of these related ideas into three parallel truths. Confused? Let me try to clarify:

1.  Seeking God’s Presence: A) the Hebrew people expected to find Him in the temple. Yes, He could be everywhere, but they were assured to always find Him in the temple. B) today we expect to find God at church. He is still everywhere, but we feel assured that He goes to our church on Sunday. C) God is not confined  (limited) by geography.

2.  Seeking the Word of God: A) the Hebrew people believed their scripture was the Word of God. Yet the Word of God could also be revealed by other means. B) today we refer to our Bible as the Word of God, but we can still hear the Word of God in other ways. C) God’s Word is not defined (limited) by language.

3.  Seeking discussion of God’s Word:  A) the Hebrew people met at the synagogue to hear and discuss scripture.  B) today we meet in Bible Study classes to discuss the Bible.  C) God’s wisdom is not exclusive (limited) by “profile” (any description of who we are).

God is truly “above all” – not limited by geography, language, or profile; thus He is available to all who seek Him. We may find comfort (assurance) in looking for Him where we expect Him to be, but He can always “surprise” us any way He chooses!


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