What do I see in this photo?

This is one of my favorite photographs from the years I lived in Yosemite National Park. It was taken with a 35mm film camera on the top of Sentinel Dome as the Winter sun was about to disappear over the peak. After a long day cross-country skiing the Glacier Point road to reach this spot, I still had a few hours more skiing back to the parking lot at Badger Pass. I felt the picture captured very well the solitude and the cold of the moment.

For many years I have gazed at this scene on my wall and recalled the beautiful sights I was privileged to experience in Yosemite. Looking at this image, my thoughts have drifted like the wind-driven snow in the foreground, then one day I began to see something else. The large rocks on the right drew my attention to the silhouette of the old dead pine and I thought of another tree – The Cross. Now perhaps those rocks lead me to think of The Tomb; and what do I see just outside the frame shining down on this scene?  Yes it is the sun (or indeed The Son) calling me to another place.


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